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During the existence of this financial portal tens of thousands of citizens have received services from creditors. We consider the format of the material as an advantage over our competitors – we try to create useful and user-friendly content which helps visitors to understand the peculiarities of service in microfinance organizations and minimize the risks of refusals. Briefly about benefits:

  • Actuality of information on loans – we check it every day!
  • Simplicity and usefulness of the material.
  • Approval statistics are used when analysing the offer of an offer.
  • Another important parameter is loyalty of creditors work with clients – this is also taken into account in recommendations.

We have developed a scoring calculator that allows you to preliminarily assess the prospects of receiving money and identify weaknesses in your financial profile. Useful instructions posted on the blog promote financial literacy among visitors.

How we earn

Loans is an independent project with no affiliation to any financial institution. We earn money by partnering with microfinance providers through intermediary aggregators which minimizes the contact and influence possibilities for the parties.

Contact details

FinCensor does not belong to microfinance organizations, their advertisements are posted on the site on terms of cooperation, through the aggregators of partner programs. Please contact with technical support of MFI directly. If you have any questions about cooperation and consultations, please email us at or use the contact form:

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About the author

Sergey Sovin is a financial blogger who has been researching financial topics in Russia and the near abroad since 2014. It was then that several successful financial projects were launched.  I have higher economic education – in 2002 I graduated from Lvov Institute of Trade and Economics as an economist. I have got big experience in lending – I have got understanding of the important factors, which influence decision of the creditors while considering applications of potential borrowers. This, as well as closed statistics from partner aggregator systems, is used to write reviews, form recommendations and ratings.


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